Western Instruments WE-3LT Light Weight AC Magnetic Yoke
Western Instruments WE-3LT Light Weight AC Magnetic Yoke
Price: $ 680.00 up to $ 535.00
Light Weight & Small AC Magnetic Yoke
Ultra-Light Weight, Comfortable Urethane Rubber Grip, Slip-in Switch Cover, Standard Micro Switch, Rugged strain Relief & Durable
Full current, not sealed switch with slip-in switch cover
The WE-3LT Light Weight AC Magnetic Yoke is the latest development triumph in Portable Magnetic Particle Inspection Equipment. This light weight yoke is over 30% lighter than any of our other AC yokes (WC-6, WC-6x2, WE-3HD and WE-3) with a good hand grip that is 40% smaller. This exceptionally Light Yoke is the result of superior Electrical Engineering and Design, made possible by strict quality control measures. The WE-3LT utilizes many of Westerns exclusive features such as our Slip in Switch Cover, Rugged Strain Relief and ergonomically designed Hand Grip. The WE-3LT is what all inspectors have been asking for, a smaller, lighter Yoke illustrating the fact we listen to our customers. The WE-3LT is a practical alternative to our other Premium Quality AC Yokes. The ergonomically designed housing combined with its Light Weight, reduces operator fatigue and strain, for more effective inspections. The compact design and adjustable Power Cord position, allows the WE-3LT to fit into confined spaces better than any other Yokes. The urethane rubber housing provides superior durability in rugged environments, so the WE-3LT is suitable for the high Arctic or the Sahara desert. The WE-3LT lifts well over 10 pounds, exceeding ASTM or ASME Specifications for AC Yokes. Performing Magnetic Particle Inspection, with an AC field, is the fastest and easiest way to find surface discontinuities. The AC field provides maximum magnetic particle mobility, which cause Magnetic Particles to migrate quickly and congregate at defects. Demagnetization is simple with this one man inspection, the operator simply activates the Yoke while pulling it off the work piece .

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