WM-Series Permanent Magnet Yokes
WM-Series Permanent Magnet Yokes
Price: $ 510.00
Permanent Magnet Yokes
Available in 3 models: Standard, Light & Compact and Cable Type
Powerful lift, No recharging, Completely portable, Durable, Hinged frame and Cable type, Hazardous zones
The WM-Series Permanent Magnet Yoke is a testing instrument that features both Hinged Frame and Cable Type configurations, so the inspectors preference is assured. Permanent Magnet Yokes are a great convenience in Magnetic Particle Inspection, due to their complete portability, as no electricity is required. All WM-Series Yokes utilize Rare Earth Magnet Cartridges specifically manufactured to our high performance needs. WM-Series Yokes lift over 60 Pounds, and with recharging not being necessary, the minimum lift of 50 pounds (23 Kg) is assured for years.

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